Saturday, April 10, 2021

The Duke Of Edinburgh

Our country is currently mourning the passing of Prince Philip.

The Royal died yesterday at the age of ninety-nine years old. 

He had recently been in poor health. When I first read that he had died, via a tweet on Twitter, my first reaction was to check if the account that relayed the message was genuine. That's because there had been several hoaxes about the Duke of Edinburgh's passing over the years.

This one was real, though.

Royal deaths are always a peculiar thing over here. Everything seems to stop. Or try to. For example, the main television channels cut its regular programming and went to news for the remainder of the day. 

As we live in a pandemic, there are going to be some changes that will have to made for the mourning process and the funeral. 

Usually, people would be able to sign a books of condolence around the country. As for the funeral - there would be crowds lined up in the street for it.

I don't know how these things will be allowed with the current state of things.

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