Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Chase Made Me Laugh

I burst out laughing while watching The Chase last week.

During the final round, the chaser of the day - Mark Labbett - had a question along the following lines:

Mauler McCaul was a character in which long-running children's series' set in a school?

I was very surprised when Labbett did not know the answer of 'Grange Hill'. Mainly because 'Grange Hill' should be the number one stab in the dark answer about children's series' set in a school.

Labbett would be the first to tell you to take the 'Grange Hill' gamble if asked a question like that and you don't know the answer.

The bigger issue I had with Labbett not knowing the character of Mauler McCaul is because I am sure he must have had someone tell him he looks like an older McCaul at least once during his lifetime.

Here are two pictures of McCaul from a Google search. They were taken during McCaul's bullying reign of terror during the late '80s into the 1990's.

Mauler McCaul from Grange Hill

And just to highlight my point, here's a picture of the chaser himself:

Mark Labbett from The Chase

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