Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Pens And Puns

I've just had one of the most random flashbacks ever.

For some reason, I was thinking back to my school days and the pens I had for class. There was a pen from junior school that I was given for Christmas one year that stood out.

Do you remember the children's animated television programme called The Trap Door? It was about a blue creature called Beurk who worked in a dungeon that was full of other crazy creatures. One of Beurk's (and I know I am probably writing his name incorrectly, but I recall it wasn't 'Burke' as it would usually be written) friends was a skull named Boney.

The pen I had was one of those Berol handwriting pens. They're usually red with blue ink, but mine was black and it had an image of Boney on it.

I've Googled to see if there are any images of The Trap Door pens to show you, but my search was unsuccessful.

Another pen I remember from the school wasn't owned by myself. A girl named Emma had an orange pen. Possibly made by Berol as well. It had a picture of a pint glass on it. Inside the pint glass was a cuddly toy bear with the words 'A Pint of Bear' written below it.

Seven year old me thought that was quite a cool pun back then. 

I still think it is.

Unfortunately, a search for the 'Pint of Bear' pen also turned out to be a wild Google goose chase.

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