Saturday, March 27, 2021

Moving Up To 3

On March 11th, I published a post titled Draft Mode 2021. In it, I wrote about how I had purchased an American football magazine in preparation for next month's draft.

I closed the post with the following sentence, which explained why I have no intention of purchasing any other publication about the event.

All I need is for there to be ONE post-publication move by an American football team to move up the draft board and the information becomes out of whack

Say hello to the San Francisco 49ers, who yesterday made a deal with the Miami Dolphins to get the number three pick in the draft.

I was going to write that my closing paragraph turned out to be true. However, it's a case of 'Not so fast, my friend'.

The reason why I cannot say the magazine has become obsolete with yesterday's trade is because it predicted there would be deal for the third pick.

However, it had the team wrong. The writers thought Carolina would make the move instead of the 49ers. 

Other than the wrong team, everything else still fits. For now...

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