Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Trending On Twitter

It's 2:25PM GMT as I am sitting at the PC and I have realised that I haven't written anything for today's post. I thought I had. 

So, here goes - what I'm going to do is look on Twitter and see what is trending. That'll inspire what I write about today.

Andre Villas-Boas is a name that is trending right now.

The former Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur boss is in the news. I clicked on the stories about him and all I can say is 'Well done you!'

Apparently, the owners of the club he currently manages - Marseille - signed a player he didn't want and announced, during a press conference a short time ago, that he had resigned from his role.

Olivier Ntcham - a midfielder who came in from Celtic - is the player in question.

I think it's fair enough. Especially if the team went behind his back after he specifically said that he didn't want the player (I don't know if this is what happened, I am just assuming after reading a brief part of the story).

AVB is waiting clearance from all of the board members and owners apparently. 

What if they refuse? That would make for an awkward team talk, wouldn't it?

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