Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Calypso War

I recently bought four different bottles of Calypso lemonade from a shop that imports American products and thought I'd rate each flavour out of five and then compare them all.

Here's how it went.

Calypso Original Lemonade

I started off the tasting with what is likely Calypso's regular flavour - Original Lemonade. 

I like traditional lemonade, and lemon Fanta, so thought that I would like this a lot before I opened the bottle. I wasn't disappointed. However, I have tasted better (lemon Fanta!). 

Seeing as I didn't dislike it, but wasn't overly impressed, I believe two-and-a-half stars is a fair grade for the original.

Next up is a blue-coloured offering - Ocean Blue - which has berries in it.

Calypso Ocean Blue Lemonade

Even though I thought it had a chance of being better than the first drink of the four, it wasn't. Therefore, the score I give it is two stars.

The two flavours I thought were the most intriguing were left until last.

Calypso Southern Peach Lemonade

Okay, I loved Calypso's peach flavour.

We don't really get to have a peach pop over here. I last had one when I bought some syrup for my SodaStream machine at least a couple of years ago. 

Southern Peach Lemonade is better than what I drank from SodaStream. It's a lot better than the two other Calypso drinks I started off with.

Four stars will give the next flavour a target to beat.

Calypso Black Cherry Lemonade

Before I explain what I thought about Black Cherry Lemonade, I'll let you in on another black cherry drink that I've enjoyed lately.

Rubicon has a sparkling water with that particular flavour and it's lovely. Seeing a black cherry soda made me decide to leave this one last as I thought it had potential to be the best of the four.

Unfortunately, it didn't come close to how much I liked Southern Peach.

Even though I could taste the black cherry, it wasn't as strong - and as nice - as the water from Rubicon. I expected a lot more and came away disappointed.

I'd place it alongside Ocean Blue Lemonade with a score of two stars. 

Southern Peach wins the Calypso War. And it did so easily.

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