Tuesday, January 26, 2021

WWE's Big Deal

Big business news, for World Wrestling Entertainment, was revealed yesterday.

The company's streaming service - the WWE Network - will move to the NBC's streaming platform, Peacock, in a few weeks in a five-year deal which is worth over one billion dollars.

The move is only for the US edition of the Network. However, it would not surprise me at all if something similar happened in my geographic location. 

Looking at the Peacock deal, it kind of looks decent at first glance. 

WWE Network customers can migrate to Peacock on a $4.99 price plan (which includes adverts). This is five Dollars less than what they're paying now and - barring things not moving across the platform like some old TV shows - they get everything plus all of the advantages of being a Peacock subscriber.

There's also a $9.99 version of Peacock which does not include adverts. This would probably appeal more to those who are used to spending that price on the WWE Network.

I'd call this another coup for WWE during a time when interest in the product is at a low.

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