Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Regionally Restricted

They say nothing lasts forever. 

You can add the TuneIn Radio app to that sentiment. 

No, the TuneIn app hasn't gone. It's just that - as of this week - is no longer capable of doing what I want it to use it for.

And that's be an Internet radio.

I have used TuneIn for a very long time. It has, or rather had, allowed me to listen to American radio stations for years.

Hour-upon-hour was spent listening to channels like ESPN and, my favourite sports broadcaster, Sports Byline USA - a station I've listened to online since as far back as 2002.

On Sunday night, I did what I usually do after watching American football games and turned the app on in order to listen to Sports Byline shows while I laid back ready to drop off to sleep. Only, this time I couldn't.

I was met with 'Regional Restrictions: This station is not available in your region'.

'Damn', I thought. I checked another station. Same thing. And another. Yet another regional restriction.

After looking into it, it would appear that TuneIn lost a UK court case against Sony and Warner. The court ruled that, to run in our country, the app would need a music licence. 

This ruling was a giant blow to yours truly. As I've already stated, listening to US radio stations is something I've been doing since almost as far back as the first day I started using the Internet regularly. 

It's a gigantic beating to Internet radio as a whole.

There are obviously other ways to listen to the stations in question. And I'll be doing that. It's just going to be a pain in the behind considering how easy it was.

TuneIn Regional Restrictions

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