Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Not Buying GP For Another Season

One of the things I did on Sunday night - while watching the NFL on Sky Sports - was check Twitter to see how NFL GamePass was doing on the first weekend of the regular season.

Once again, it did not look good at all.

There appeared to have been a lot of people who were having trouble with the streaming service. 

Customers were allegedly unable to watch the start of RedZone - the programme that follows all the action throughout the night. 

It looks like another season in which I'm going to pass after quitting a few years ago after the GamePass contract was given to another company that did not seem, in my opinion, equipped to deal with the demand.

What bothers me is a lot of people on Twitter were saying things like 'it has been like this for three years' or 'every year this happens' and it makes me shake my head. 

If they're unhappy after all these years, why don't they do what I did and not spend money on it? 

It's the only way to send the message.

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