Friday, May 08, 2020

Turnip Selling: Week 3

This is another Animal Crossing turnip post, so - if this isn't your thing - turn away now...

Okay, so.. 

If you read Sunday's post, you'll be aware that I decided to test something out with the purchasing of turnips from Daisy Mae.  I wanted to see if I ended up being offered a high amount of bells from the guys at Nook's Cranny later in the week if I only bought a small amount.

Daisy Mae sold me 100 turnips at 95 Bells a vegetable.

From Monday morning, all the way through to yesterday, I kept checking in to see what prices they'd offer. Here's how it went:

Monday AM - 82 Bells
Monday PM - 79 Bells
Tuesday AM - 75 Bells
Tuesday PM - 105 Bells

So, at this point, I was being offered a price that would turn in (not ip!) a profit. However, I was adding all the offers to an online turnip prediction website and it was projecting that I'd get better offers a few days later. So, it continues:

Wednesday AM - 105 Bells
Wednesday PM - 135 Bells

And this is where things started to become interesting. I cannot recall what it projected, but the website told me that Thursday morning would be the best day to sell. I visited the shop the following morning and was offered 164 Bells per turnip.

I added the 164 to the projection website and it suggested that I would be offered the following for the remaining five visits:

Thursday PM - 132 to 163 Bells
Friday AM - 38 to 86 Bells
Friday PM - 34 to 83 Bells
Saturday AM - 29 to 80 Bells
Saturday PM - 24 to 77 Bells

Seeing as the current offer of 164 Bells was better than anything else being projected, I sold the turnips immediately to make a little bit of profit.

Later that day, I checked back into the store to see what the Thursday PM offer was. Remember, it predicted '132 to 163 Bells' - well, it turned out to be spot on as the offer was 143 Bells. 

If this turns out to be accurate, there should be a big drop from today into Saturday PM meaning I made the right move at the right time.

That was the first time - out of three - that I sold turnips on my own island. The previous two were on other islands.

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