Thursday, May 07, 2020

Yet Another Automated Scam Call

I received another scam call a couple of days ago. In fact, I am not being completely straight up when I said that I received 'another scam call' - I had a series of scam calls from the same number.

I sent the first one to my answerphone. Then - as the day wore on - I received two more before I decided to block the number.

It was of a computer-generated voice announcing that:

'The nature of this call is to inform you about a lawsuit which has been filed on your name, so before we go ahead with legal matter and send this case to the local county court house, kindly call us back on the number which is...'

The number is from Southampton, but that doesn't mean anything 

Instead of writing the number down, I'll share an image of it just in case it becomes a legitimate number in the future.

Scam Call from Southampton

I called it back - using Skype - and it is a working number. I got through to an 'agent' but he hanged up on me shortly after I gave him a fake name.

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