Saturday, May 09, 2020

More About Nerds And Glass

On Monday, I wrote a little bit about Nerds sweets and mentioned that - back during my school days in the 1980's - my school banned the sweets because there were reports that some had glass contaminated in them.

After publishing the post, I had a look to see if I had dreamt the scenario up.

I couldn't find anything about Nerds and glass from the UK, but I did find a story that was on the Los Angeles Times website. It was published in November of 1988 and documented that the sweets had been recalled after glass was found in a box given to somebody as a trick or treat gift in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The article closes with the words 'it was not known if the 9-once box of candy was tampered with, said police'. 

I know I have many years of experience from that 1988 story, but I'd guess that it was indeed tampered with!

As for the UK - I wonder if that exact story made its way to our shores and that's why there was a panic about Nerds and glass.

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