Saturday, April 18, 2020

More About The Fink

WWE played a nice video tribute to Howard Finkel during last night's episode of Smackdown.

One of the things I took away from it is something I should have really expanded on when I wrote the short post about his passing yesterday.

The announcer was not only the guy who called the stars into the ring for some of the legendary bouts. He was also there to call the winner.

The one example that stood out to me during the tribute was his moment during the 1995 Royal Rumble.

Shawn Michaels had seemingly been thrown over the top rope by the British Bulldog. However, only one of Michaels' feet touched the floor. He held on for a few moments before managing to pull himself back into the ring, eliminate the Bulldog who was celebrating what he thought was a Rumble victory and then snare the W.

It was Finkel's call about Michaels' single foot not hitting the floor that explained everything to the people in the arena and at home shortly before we got the visual evidence with a replay.

As I said, there are many other examples. It's just the one from last night hit it home for me and made me realise even more how important he was to us fans.

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