Thursday, April 02, 2020


I was an April Fool by my own hand yesterday.

To cut a long story short, I had entered the room with my Internet modem in and left to head back to the room I had my laptop.

When I got back to the computer, I noticed that my WiFi was out, so I went back into the room with the modem to see if the lights were on.

The light on the box is usually white, but this time it was green.

'Uh oh.' I thought.

I waited a short while, but nothing changed. I then decided to take the plug out of the socket to reboot the modem.

Once that was done, the white light was back and it was getting ready to start only to stop and go dead.

I phoned my Internet Service Provider but was told - by the automated messenger - that I would have up to an hour wait for help.

I couldn't do that, so logged onto my ISP's website from my mobile phone to try and get it to check the status of the Internet in my area and then run a diagnosis on the box.

The result: my box wasn't switched on.

I knew that!

Or did I?

After deciding to give it one more go, I pulled the plug out again. This time, I decided the wires were a bit tangled so pulled the wire out of the back of the modem and realised that the wire from the modem to the power brick had parted. I pushed it back in and I had the Internet back up and running within ten minutes.

What I suppose happened is the door had knocked it loose to start the problem and then, as I was messing around, it slipped out completely meaning there was no power at all entering the device.

Imagine how stupid I would have looked if I did get an engineer here to look at the broken modem?!

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