Saturday, March 28, 2020

No Escape From Reality

I know that there are far too many things going on in the world right now, but I have to say this - watching WWE during the coronavirus pandemic is not an 'escape'.

I have just finished watching yet another episode of WWE Smackdown filmed behind closed doors with no audience.

At first, it was intriguing to see the programme in this way. Now, weeks later, it has grown old fast.

What hasn't helped in today's viewing is the episode was promoting matches for WrestleMania that I know have not been filmed for next weekend.

They were pushing Goldberg versus Roman Reigns - a match that I was kind of looking forward to seeing, but it isn't going to happen as Reigns rightfully pulled out of working the match due to his recent cancer battles giving him a low immune shield from coronavirus.

There are other matches that were plugged last night that I am aware are off the table, so the 'escape' from the real world WWE is sending me is not helping when I know that I am not going to end up being given what they're trying to sell me.

Yes, a small thing when there are bigger things to worry about right now.

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