Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Cold Streak Ends

I had a great start to the NFL fantasy season going 7-0, but the run came crashing down and - for the last month - I was picking up the Ls. 

That changed over the weekend. 

I am now 8-4 after three months. 

I found myself up what I would guess to be a Green Bay Packers fan as his team had a lot of players attempting to score the points for him.

Points. There weren’t many for him. Compared to mine, that is. He had 41.86 to my 115.26.

I’m still out of the playoff race in my league. Whether I pull things around before the end of our season is a tough question because I still have a LOT of players with injuries.

Still cannot believe I slipped up after going seven weeks undefeated...

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