Monday, November 11, 2019

Betting Against MY Team

I did something I never thought I would do and bet against the Indianapolis Colts yesterday.

The team's quarterback - Jacoby Brissett - was ruled out for the game and I had a feeling there was a chance the Miami Dolphins would win the game straight up. 

Miami were +11 underdogs, but I chose to bet on them to win without the handicap. 

The Dolphins went ahead and spent most of the game in control. It was during the third quarter, when Indy was about to score a go ahead touchdown, that I decided to cash out my bet.

I made £1.58 profit. The bigger relief was not being a position where I was rooting for a Dolphins comeback.

The comeback happened and the last part of the game saw me hoping the Colts would turn things around.

The turnaround didn't happen. 

I would have been in a right pickle at the closing moments of the game as Indy was desperately trying to score a touchdown.

The final score was 16-12 to the Dolphins. 

And that could have been the end of the Colts' chance to make it to the playoffs...

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