Monday, October 07, 2019

Walkers Christmas Crisps Are Making A Comeback For 2019

I read that Walkers are releasing their Christmas-themed crisps from today.

They're the same flavours as 2018. You can see a picture I took of them last year and, as well as that, you can read THIS POST where I ranked them.

Walkers Christmas Crisps

As well as selling those flavours in the same bags as last year, the crisp company is now producing large share bags of the Pigs in Blankets and Turkey and Stuffing flavours.

Not bad, but they should have Cheese and Cranberry in a bigger bag! 

At the risk of spoiling last year's post for those who didn't read it - Cheese and Cranberry was my favourite.

Apparently, Walkers have reproduced these crisps for 2019 because they had a lot of people get in touch looking for the Brussels Sprouts flavour throughout the year.

Brussels Sprouts was the lowest rated flavour in my ranking, but they weren't disgusting. 

With that said, they weren't as nice as the other four.

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