Sunday, July 14, 2019

Bond Comprehension Issues

I came across a lot of people with a lot of comprehension issues today.

There was an article about the James Bond movie that's currently in production. According to the reports, Lashana Lynch - a black actress, so keep that in mind - will play an agent in the new film.

Lynch's character will become the new 007 after James Bond retires M16.

You know where this is going already, but I'll continue.

The pitchforks came out to this news. But, for the wrong reason.

Some have read it as there will be a female James Bond who happens to be black. The fact - if the story goes the way of the report - is that Lynch WILL NOT be James Bond, but rather portray an agent who takes over the 007 license to kill in Bond's absence.

Gawd, the reaction has been mental with 'James Bond' trending on social media. 

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