Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Weird Email Encounter

A peculiar thing happened this morning.

I was sat at my computer and an email came to me from an online newsagent I regularly use to purchase imported American football yearbooks.

The email informed me that one of the mags I look out for each year will be in stock sometime in July.

I thought to myself 'fair enough' at first, but then I realised something.

I hadn't asked them this year.

I looked down at my original email and it was a question I had sent them two years ago. I specifically asked whether the 2017 issue would be in stock and pointed out their link to the 2016 edition just so they knew what I was on about. 

The weirdness didn't end there, though.

The time of my email stated it was sent last night. I wasn't even online when it was sent!

On the plus side, I don't have to email them to see if it's going to be in stock this year.

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