Sunday, June 16, 2019

Back To The Baize

I played in my first online poker tournament in forever yesterday.

It had been ages since I last played in one and it came across because I had nothing to do last night and thought it would kill some time.

And kill some time it did.

It was one of those bounty tourneys in which you can get extra money on top of the prize amounts for finishing in the money.

I knocked one person out and almost won my buy-in just from that.

In the end, I played for almost three hours. Maybe two-and-a-half if I'm to be exact.

Finished in the money as well. I made £2.50 profit overall.

Not bad for someone who hasn't played for a while.

If I say so myself.

Even though I had a bit of fun, I reckon it'll be another while until I play again. The days of playing poker every day is far, far away in my past.

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