Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Hoping The Jeremy Kyle Show Is Gone For Good

I found it unsurprising to read that the Jeremy Kyle Show had been taken off the air yesterday following the death of a guest, who had recently been on one of the recorded episodes.

I was not surprised because - when you prey on the weak and vulnerable - as this show absolutely does (you rarely see well-off people on this show), the crap will hit the fan eventually.

It took long enough.

The Sun website reported last night that the person in question failed one of those lie detector tests on one of the upcoming episodes. His partner ended their relationship as a result and he killed himself.

Like I said - in my opinion, the weak and vulnerable are the producers' targets for this show. They're used to embarrass themselves on National TV and - to me - it's not right.

At all.

I don't know whether it'll be back or not, but I have my fingers crossed that we've seen the end of the detestable tripe for good.

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