Monday, May 13, 2019

Silver King's Death

I was online on Saturday night when news that Mexican wrestler - Silver King - had collapsed while wrestling at a Lucha Libre event in London.

It wasn't looking good at the time I found out. Then, not long after that, it was confirmed that he had passed away.

I watched a clip of the match leading up to and a few minutes after the wrestler's apparent heart attack. It did not make for good viewing.

What really struck me is how long it took for his opponent - Juventud Guerrara - and referee to figure out that Silver King had collapsed.

Not only that - I was also surprised to hear that an ambulance had to be called.

We're all told that timing is important in cases of any kind of medical emergency and I'm afraid that Silver King did not get that. Mainly because of the circumstances, I suppose.

One other thing - these shows should have an ambulance on standby. I know it's more money for the promoter to lay out, but it should be a prerequisite like it is for any other sporting event. They'd not only look out for your wrestlers by doing this, but also their patrons.

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