Sunday, April 14, 2019

Reading More About Disney Plus

I've been reading a little bit more about Disney's upcoming streaming service - Disney+ - and I must admit, I am very interested.

When it launches in the USA later the year, its price will be around $7. That's a bargain.

I had already read about the Star Wars series that's going to be available on launch day, so that - to me - is an instant reason to pay for a sub.

New things I've learned about the service this week range from The Simpsons back catalogue will be available on it. I haven't watched the series in many years and I highly doubt I'll even bother watching episodes on Disney Plus. I found the news interesting because Simpsons on Disney is a result of the 20th Century Fox sale to Disney.

Another thing I found out is that movies will be added to the service as soon as they end their cinematic run. Sounds good to me!

What I didn't find out is when it'll be available over here in the UK. My gut says it won't be when it's officially released stateside.

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