Saturday, April 27, 2019

Thoughts On This Week's Lotto Story

There has been a story in the national news this week that has caught my attention.

Two men 'won' four million pounds on a National Lottery scratch card. The thing is, they contacted Camelot to cash in their ticket but BOTH haven't got bank accounts.

And you know what makes the 'win' even more puzzling - the card was purchased from a Waitrose using a debit card.

With the transaction being done with a card that can only be used by bank account holders, Camelot found the situation questionable and are - as of the time of writing - refusing to pay out the winnings because they believe the scratch card was purchased using a stolen bank card.

First - how stupid do you have to be to attempt to cash in a scratch card with no bank account? Did they expect to be paid in cash?!

Secondly - if the card was bought using a stolen card, I strongly believe the person whose card was used to be given the cash. Yes, I know there's zero chance of this happening, but it would be an ironic way to prove to the two guys that crime doesn't pay.

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