Friday, April 26, 2019

Draft Thoughts

I watched the opening hour of the NFL Draft in the early hours of this morning.

After betting on the order, among other things, I thought I'd stick around to the fifth or sixth pick.

Most of my wagers blew up when the New York Jets made their pick at three. I was hoping on them making a trade with another team to take a player at that spot.

I have to admit, I was fluky in one case. As mentioned yesterday, I thought Washington would move up to three and take the quarterback, Dwayne Haskins. Well, as noted, the Jets didn't give away their pick. Washington still got their man, though. He was still available at the fifteenth pick.

I won a bet I had on Washington to pick him up, but it wasn't enough to cover what I laid out overall. It helped to cut the losses, though!

My favourite team - Indianapolis - has three picks in the second round, which starts later tonight.

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