Monday, October 08, 2018

Two And Three

I had a good(ish) week in my NFL fantasy football league.

My team scored 89.42 points. The player I was up against picked up 66.04.

Looking at my opponent, it seems he may have given up on the season already. Strike that - I think he just may have given up before a ball was even thrown or kicked. He is still playing Le'Veon Bell who still hasn't turned up to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers as he is holding out for a better contract after refusing the franchise tag.

Bell is a great player and - whenever I've had him on my teams - he has performed well. Ironically, him being on the other guy's team worked in my favour yesterday.

Another player on the team is Greg Zuerlein. He's the Los Angeles Rams' kicker, but is out with an injury right now.

I'm now at 2-3 for the season. Things need to pick up.

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