Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Another Scam Call

I had a call from a scammer today. Here's the gist..

Scammer: Hello, this is from BT.

Me: Hello (BT isn't my Internet Service Provider, by the way)

Scammer: There have been Internet faults in your area. Have you noticed anything wrong with your connection lately?

Me: No, I haven't. It has been working fine.

Scammer: Have you noticed any problems between the hours of 12AM and 4AM? (He's obviously picking a time where he expects I wouldn't be using my the Internet connection)

Me: (Get ready for a whopper. Or two) Yes, I am up throughout the night as I am a software programmer and it's the only free time I get. I haven't noticed anything.

Scammer: Uhmm...

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