Friday, June 29, 2018

The Fanta Lemon Situation (As I See It)

'Fanta Lemon' was trending on Twitter earlier today. As it's one of my favourite flavours of drinks, curiosity got the better of me - I had to see why it was being talked about.

I am not completely sure what happened, but I believe somebody asked Fanta's US Twitter account something about the Lemon flavour. The person responded saying that it was still discontinued and it caused panic because people from here in the UK thought they meant the flavour was being pulled from sale over here.

This is what I gather, anyway.

Well - the good news is that it was all miscommunication. Even though Fanta Lemon is no longer on sale in the US, the brand is still selling the flavour over here.

That's the good news.

There's greater news.

While looking through the Fanta GB account, I cam across an image promoting the fact that there is a new flavour about to hit shelves over here this September.

They're bringing out...


If you've read any of my posts about SodaStream, you'll know that Pink Grapefruit is - or rather was - my favourite SodaStream flavour.

I state that it 'was' the SodaStream I liked the most because it has seemingly vanished from shops over here.

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