Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sammartino Tributes

There has been an outpouring of respect shown to Bruno Sammartino who passed away yesterday at the age of eighty-two.

I wrote about him in yesterday's post. However, in today's post, I thought I'd put up a few things that I've seen online since the news broke.

First, here's something that Madison Square Garden did for Sammartino overnight:

MSG Bruno Sammartino Tribute

MSG not only celebrated Bruno with the video tribute outside the building. It also post the following on Twitter:

Madison Square Garden Tweets About Bruno Sammartino

The Mayor of Pittsburgh (Bruno's home) left a statement on the city's website. You can click on the image to expand it:

Pittsburgh Mayor's Statement On The Passing Of Bruno Sammartino

Not only did the Mayor of the City post a tribute. Some of the sports franchises did as well.

The Pittsburgh Penguins:

Pittsburgh Penguins Tweets About Bruno Sammartino

The Pittsburgh Steelers' general manager, Kevin Colbert, also made a statement on the passing:

Pittsburgh Steelers Tweets About Bruno Sammartino

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was good friends with Sammartino:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tweets About Bruno Sammartino

Arnie also added:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tweets About Bruno Sammartino

I've purposely chosen respect from people and organisations outside of the wrestling business up until now. I thought I'd share the final two.

First, here's what WWE owner, Vince McMahon stated on the passing:

Vince McMahon Tweets About Bruno Sammartino

I wrote about the animosity that had existed between McMahon and Sammartino in my tribute to Sammartino yesterday. In the same post, I mentioned that - if it wasn't for Triple H being a peacemaker - it was unlikely that Sammartino would have had his final bow at Madison Square Garden when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in April of 2013. 

Here's HHH's comment:

Triple H Tweets About Bruno Sammartino

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