Thursday, December 21, 2017

Fantasy Football Update

There isn't an NFL game tonight, so this means the posts where I put data into my spreadsheet to work out a pointspread and totals winner has runs their course.

What I will do today, however, is write a short bit about how my NFL fantasy football season has gone.

I've written sparingly about it this season. I should have written more, to be fair, because I didn't do too badly if I say so myself.

I finished second in the regular season. Therefore, I made it to the playoffs to win the competition.

Last weekend was the semi-final and I found myself losing to the person who finished one place below me in the rankings. I had 66.82 points to his 81.72.

I now find myself in the third place play-off this weekend. Up against the player who ended the season in fourth place.

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