Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rights Issues

I saw a Marlon Brando documentary promoted on BBC a number of times last week. As soon as I would see them, I'd think to myself 'I've gotta watch this!' I would then pick up the remote control, decide to scroll through the TV guide to record it, but then decide to wait until it was available to view on demand.

There was a lot of TV to watch over the weekend, so I decided to look for it yesterday morning.

The problem - due to broadcast rights, the doc was unavailable to watch on demand.


The moral of the story - if you ever find yourself too lazy to scroll through days and days of TV programmes to record something you'd really like to watch, consider the possibility that this could be your only chance to secure a way to watch what you'd like to view in future.

I'll keep looking out for it in the meantime.

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