Thursday, December 01, 2016

The 2016 Advent Calendar

For the past two Christmases, I've had National Lottery Advent scratch cards where I would rub off a window each day in the hope of winning a prize. (This is what the scratch card looked like in 2014).

Those two years I turned into a waste of time as I didn't win a penny. This did not stop me from wanting to give it a go this year, as well.

I came upon a problem, though. There doesn't seem to have been any of these cards produced for 2016!

Therefore, I've had to make do with Plan B...

This Sky Cinema chocolate Advent calendar came free with the Sunday Mail, if you bought it from Tescoa few weeks ago. I was going to give it to my youngest nephew, but he asked me to buy him a Lego Star Wars calendar a few days later. 

As you can see. The twenty-four windows are all done in fonts that represent movies. I have no chance of guessing what they all are. The ones that stand out, in no particular order: (15) Dad's Army, (14) Back to the Future (22) Jurassic Park and (24) ET.

I'm sure I've missed even more obvious fonts, so hopefully each window will shed light on the particular movie once the window has been opened.

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