Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Not Looking Forward To Sky's Thanksgiving Games 2016

I usually look forward to Sky Sports' coverage of the Thanksgiving NFL games, but I'm not in the mood for it this year.

As funny as this may sound, one of the things I liked was the camaraderie between the presenter - Kevin Cadle - and his panel. In recent years, the likes of Neil Reynolds, Shaun Gayle and Cecil Martin have been in the studio alongside Cadle as they celebrated the night with some American football.

Yes, it actually does seem lame now that I've reread that paragraph.

Cadle has been a conspicuous absence from the presenting duties during Sky's live games and my favourite panelist - Cecil - will also be absent from tomorrow evening's festivities.

It had become a tradition to see Cecil carving up a turkey for himself and his colleagues. I am sure there will be a turkey on set and the games will be good. I'd rather have seen two of my favourites in the studio doing their thing.

Rest assured, I'm still going to watch because - after all - the football is what I'm there for. It would have bee cool to have had the extra things I'm used to alongside it, though!

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