Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Meeting A Creepy Clown

I have been fascinated by all the reports of killer clowns (I almost typed it at 'Klowns'!) invading parts of the United States and now the phenomenon, if you can call it that, has reached the UK.

It reminded me of my most recent experiences with a clown.

Well.. that would be a lie. I was dealing with clowns all last week, but that's another story. I am on about a real clown. Or rather, a guy dressed up as one.

Back in May of 2002 (before you ask how I recall the time of the year, I remember it because it was a day after my birthday and I had just bought myself a Nintendo GameCube!), I was walking through my local city centre and a I noticed a clown walking my way. His direction shifted to where we were going to have to talk to each other.

'Hello, it has been a long time since I've seen you!' He exclaimed.
Puzzled, I looked at him trying to decipher who was under the facepaint. I was actually naive back then, I really did think the person knew me. I couldn't recollect who he was and asked 'You know me?'
'Of course I know you..'
I still couldn't figure out who he really was. But then he showed his colours.
'..you're one of God's children. We all know each other,'
'The conversation ended there.

So, the guy was dressing up as a clown to try and gain followers to what ever religion he was trying to push on me. That, to me, is creepy.

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