Thursday, September 01, 2016

Draft Day Has Been Set

I had word the other day that the fantasy NFL league I am in has been restarted for the 2016 season.

I signed up for it a few years ago and don' t know any of the people in it, but they seem to be okay with me being a part of it so I'll play along again.

It's the only fantasy league I am involved in. Therefore, I take some time each summer to study up before the draft.

With the league not opening up until just the other day, I had doubts I would be play in a league this year and haven't done much research.

The draft is on Sunday, so I have a few days to be prepared. A couple of the yearbooks I read each summer - and have written about on here a few weeks ago - have segments about fantasy, so I'll use them.

As per usual, I'll share with you how the team looks in the day or so after I've selected them.

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