Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Beautiful Game / The Ugly Game

What a great moment it was to see Wales win their first game of Euro 2016 yesterday.

It was the result I was hoping for (obviously!), but I had set my expectations low.

Just have to hope that yesterday wasn't a one-off. A result against England or Russia would be PERFECT.

As the Wales versus Slovakia game was going on, I noticed there was a lot of stories going on about the Russian and English fans causing scenes in Marseille.

It irks me to see all this going on. It's a waste of resources having to deal with that crap. There's a bigger threat to this tournament and having these arseholes as a distraction is not helping at all.

I should have started this post off with the hooligans and then finished with Wales. Hopefully, I'll get to write some positive things about the team again within the next fortnight.

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