Saturday, June 18, 2016

All Euro'd Out (Unless Wales Are Playing)

I couldn't muster up any energy to sit and watch the three games of Euro 2016 yesterday.

The coverage post-Wales' loss to England has been ridiculous. I can't bear to see or hear anything about that game again.

Commentators, analysts and newspapers going on about England's victory as if it's some huge deal. It's enough to make me switch off for good.  The best is all the Roy Hodgson acclaim because of his second half substitutions. The very same people would have been critical of that decision had it not played out the way it did. You know I'm right on that.

If I discount the fact that I am enjoying seeing my national side in a tournament, there's nothing good about the tournament. A good portion of these games have been snoozefests that you can miss eighty minutes of.

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