Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bizarro Day

What a day yesterday was, right?

I thought the Leave selection in the referendum for Britain's membership in the European Union would end up losing for weeks. However, when I saw The Sun had told its readers to vote the other day, I had second thoughts and was confident that - going by past history - the paper had backed (or influenced) the winning horse.

By earlier on this week, I had changed my prediction and assumed Remain would win out.

How wrong I was.

I watched most of the ITV's coverage of the results from Thursday into the early hours of Friday and fell asleep somewhere after 3am. I woke back up just as the screen went red and Tom Bradby announced that unconfirmed result that leave had won.

The odds were so strongly in favour of 'Remain' I could not envision anything other than David Cameron giving a victory speech. Yesterday was like watching the bizarro version playing out before me.

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