Thursday, May 26, 2016

Smackdown To Tuesdays & Another Split

WWE has announced that - from late July - Smackdown will move to Tuesday nights where it will air live.

This is quite a story. WWE's second show is usually taped on a Tuesday and then aired later in the week (Thursdays) so going live is a big thing.

Mixed in with the Smackdown to Tuesday news is the fact that there will be brand split, so talent from Raw will not be on Smackdown and vice versa.

The company did this before. It worked at first. Then everything seemed to morph back into one. My betting is the same thing will eventually happen again. However, for the moment, count me as intrigued.

There will be a draft set up to split up the roster into two. I'm guessing Roman Reigns goes to Raw and John Cena to Smackdown. They're bound to be the top two picks.

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