Sunday, May 15, 2016

How The Championship, League 1 And League 2 Season Handicaps Finished In 2015/16

If you've been following this blog over the years, you'll be aware that one form of gambling I participate in is the season handicap betting in football.

I have explained how it works in previous posts. Follow this link to get a better idea.

The 2015/16 regular season has now ended in the Championship, League 1 and League 2 so it's about time I shared with you how the season handicap tables closed out in all three divisions. The Premier League finishes today. Expect a post with the Premier League's handicap table tomorrow. Spoiler alert without needing to do any calculating: Leicester City will top this list as well.

Anyway, here's the top four teams in each league. The points next to each side is a total of their actual points and the amount they were given by the bookies at the start of their respective campaigns. I've put the head-start points in parenthesis.

League 2

1) Accrington 113pts (28)
2) Northampton 109pts (10)
3) Bristol Rovers 96pts (11)
4) Plymouth 93pts (12)

League 1

1) Walsall 103pts (19)
2) Burton 102pts (17)
3) Wigan 90pts (3)
4) Port Vale 90pts (25)

Wigan and Port Vale are tied on 90pts. It doesn't matter which team appears first of the two. If you've bet on them each-way, they both place in betting.


1) Brighton 104pts (15)
2) Burnley 100pts (7)
3) Middlesbrough 89pts (0)
4) Hull 87pts (4)

My projections were once again way off. I had the following teams to top their respective season handicap leagues:

League 2: Luton
League 1: Sheffield Utd
Championship: Middlesbrough

I also had Chelsea in the Premier League. As noted above, it's a given that Leicester City will finish the top of the Premier League season handicap table for 2015/16 when I get around to adding their points into the spreadsheet later on today.

Update: Due to the Manchester United .vs. Bournemouth game being called off, the Premier League season handicap post will be published at a later date depending on what happens with the fixture.

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