Monday, May 09, 2016

Future Clash

September 13th is going to be interesting when it comes to the content on this very blog.

Yes, I'm think THAT far ahead.

I stumbled across a clash while planning future posts.

You see - just the other day, when I was writing about Afeni Shakur's passing, I realised that her death came on the 20th anniversary of the day I was given one of my favourite 2Pac albums as a birthday present (All Eyez On Me, for those of you interested).

As he passed away months after that, I then thought I should remind myself to post something to celebrate him on the twentieth anniversary of his death. I knew the date: September 13th.

But, I also know of another person I want to write about on that day.

September 13th 2016 will be a huge for Roald Dahl fans as this will be 100th anniversary of his birth.

I had been planning to write something about Dahl on that day long before remembering of the other anniversary.

It's looking like it'll be one of the rare days where I publish two posts. I cannot write about both of them in one post (the current post you're reading is an exception!).

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