Saturday, April 16, 2016

Predicting The 2016 Season Opener : The Aftermath

On Wednesday March 30th of this year, I published  a post titled 'Predicting The 2016 Season Opener'.

In this post, I predicted what the first game of the 2016 NFL season would be. It was a guarantee that the current Super Bowl champions - Denver - would be the home team, so I looked at all of the possible opponents and went with Houston.

There was a reason behind my pick. If you read the post, you'll find out more.

The schedules were released in the early hours of yesterday morning. I immediately checked to see how close I was. To cut a long story short, the prediction was...


The NFL went with the Carolina Panthers. The very same team that Denver beat in early February to raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

A potential Super Bowl rematch on the opening night was the first thing that caught my attention when going through Denver's upcoming schedule. I didn't run with it, though.

The rematch is a good storyline to go with. I still like my idea best, though!

Houston and Denver will meet on Monday night of week seven.

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