Friday, April 01, 2016

Coming Clean After 10 Years

You know this is the tenth anniversary of this blog, right?

Well - I think it's about time I came clean about a post I published on this day in 2006.

It was titled $$$$$$$ and described how I won $24,791.78 in an online poker tournament.

The poker tournament didn't happen. I did not win that much money. The entire thing was an April fool gag that I played on a few friends.

The dollar figure I came up with, when converted to British Pounds, was £14,200.06. See what I did? 1/4/2006.

Those that needed to know found out on the day that it was a prank. It still makes me chuckle.

I closed the post stating that I was off to buy a McChicken Sandwich Meal with my winnings. That should have been a giveaway.  I would have set my sights higher than McDonald's following a win like that!

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