Thursday, March 31, 2016

When Is A Selfie Not A Selfie? It Isn't That Hard A Question, Is It?

I have to thank Seif Eldin Mustafa and Ben Innes for causing the media to piss me off this week.

For those of you who don't know, or would have forgotten if you're reading this years from now, Mustafa hijacked a plane in Egypt the other day and forced the pilot to take him to Cyprus.

Mustafa had phone covers strapped around his body. He claimed it was a bomb, so there was evident panic.

During the runway standoff, Innes asked to have a picture taken with the terrorist.

I use the term 'terrorist' loosely, but please notice I use the word 'picture' very tightly.

You see, ever since this picture has made the news, a lot - and I mean a lot - of reporters have claimed that Innes had a 'selfie' with the hijacker.

Take a look below:

Unless Mustafa has a Selfie Stick, this is not a 'Selfie'. And it definitely isn't Innes doing a selfie because his hands are both in view.

And just for a laugh, and using the logic used by some of these writers/reporters, here's an example of a 'Selfie' from the 1980's

Both examples are photos, photographs or pictures. They're definitely not 'Selfies'. Let's please have the word 'Photo' back and used properly.

If you're one of those reporters claiming the photo from the other day was a 'Selfie', please look up its definition. It isn't hard to do.

The clue is in the word, dumbasses.

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