Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sewn Up 'Til 2017

A few of my URLs were running out at the end of this month, so - the other day - I went ahead and renewed every single one of them. This ties now ties me up until mid-to-late 2017 with some of the domains on my list.

The one that's up-in-the-air as of right now is the American football betting website. I'm unsure whether I'm going to continue running it the way I have done since I launched it a couple of years ago.

I enjoyed writing and publishing the weekly newsletter I released every week during the 2014 and 2015 season but - if I am to be honest - I didn't enjoy it enough. If that makes sense.

I spent far too much time on the project and I believe it got in the way of other things I could have been doing. 

In the final regular issue, I told the small readership that I will take the off-season to decide what to do next. I am still in the zone of contemplation. I won't know for sure until late August or early September.

What I do know is this - if I decide to start, I won't stop until it's all over. So if I jump back in, I'll be tied down all the way through to February. 

The other URLs are fine. I'm enjoying what I've been getting done with the pro wrestling betting websites (it's the big one in a fortnight!). 

This blog is going to continue, too. One plan is to give it a bit of a facelift over the summer. Hopefully it'll coincide with the tenth anniversary of the day when I decided to publish a post a day. I have to go back and work out when the actual date in 2006 was first!

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