Monday, October 19, 2015

Supergirl Coming To The UK

I found out the other day that Supergirl will be making its way to British television after Sky secured the rights to the series.

The show will begin airing on October 29th. So, this means that - within the next month or so - my television viewing will have a comic book programme nearly every week night. It'll look like this:

Mondays - Gotham on Channel 5
Tuesdays - The Flash on Sky 1
Wednesdays - Arrow on Sky 1
Thursdays - Supergirl on Sky 1

Fridays might have Agents of SHIELD if I am able to catch up with the half of season 2 that I missed thanks to Channel 4 not doing a good enough job advertising that it was returning.

By the time I found out it was back on, I had missed a months worth of episodes so thought the best way to finish season two was to wait until it landed on Amazon or Now TV. My wait will soon be over as it'll be on the latter from November 1st.

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