Saturday, October 24, 2015

London Jags Until At Least 2020

The Jacksonville Jaguars have extended their intention to play regular season football at Wembley Stadium until at least 2020.

That's alright for those who like going to the NFL's International Series games at Wembley as it guarantees one game for the next five seasons will be played over here in the UK.

I'm still hoping the end result doesn't wind up with a UK-based franchise as I think the idea is ridiculous on so many levels.

The International Series is a unique thing. The 1:30 or 2:30pm kick-offs are brilliant for us over here and I think there are some fans over in the US that like the idea of waking up to football. Granted, I know the gimmick has its haters as well.

But that's what these US morning games really should be. A gimmick. Once or twice a season. None of this BS about having four and upwards games a year played out like that. Gimmicks wear thing after a while. Just ask that league called NFL Europe.

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