Friday, September 25, 2015

Shameless Go Fund Me Award 2015

The 'Shameless Go Fund Me Award of the year' goes to whoever has set one up to fund Jimmy Snuka.

Okay, I don't really have an award named that. However, if I did, the prize goes to the Snuka camp.

As you have probably heard by now - Jimmy Snuka was arrested a number of weeks ago following a re-examining of an old case where his girlfriend at the time, Nancy Argentino, passed away.

For years, people had been under the belief that Snuka was somehow involved in this. You really do have to read the brilliant pieces written on this. It's baffling how it took thirty-two years for there to be some justice brought forward.

Now that Snuka is facing legal and health (he has cancer) bills, someone is taking donations on his behalf. At the time of writing, it has passed the $300 amount. Shame on you.

The page reads:

',,,Today, at the age of 72, he faces his greatest match ever. This match is not for the WWE Heavyweight belt or for the Intercontinental championship, but for life and liberty. LIFE - Earlier this year our he was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer and faces an intense uphill battle against this dreadful disease. LIBERTY – additionally he faces a legal challenge that may jeopardize his cherished freedom. This battle for life and liberty, comes with great physical, emotional, spiritual and financial challenges. '

Liberty? Cherished freedom? Life and liberty?

I bet Nancy Argentino would have liked thirty-two years of liberty and cherished freedom. Don't you think?

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