Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fortune Favours The Forgetful

You know all those times when you forget to save your work? Well, I have a story for you.

On Thursday afternoon, I was going through my NFL Fantasy team and decided to drop Denver's Emmanuel Sanders. 

I was expecting the Broncos to run the ball more against Kansas City on Thursday night, so decided to select James Jones from the Green Bay Packers instead of Denver's wideout.

Jones will be playing Seattle on Sunday night. I thought it would have been better to put all Sunday or Monday players on my team to give me more time to change my mind.

I tuned in to the Broncos versus Kansas City as soon as I woke up on Friday morning and saw Sanders score not one, but two touchdowns.

Gutted. I should have kept him on my team! 

Later in the day, I logged into my fantasy account and noticed that Sanders was still on my team. I had forgotten to save the change that I had made on Thursday evening. 

That's 20.70 points towards this weekend.

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